Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Key: A True Encounter!

by Whitley Strieber

by Jeanette foresta
copyright 11-23-2001

This is a five page excerpt. You may want to print it out, and read it while you lounge.

Why we live? why we die? where we go....

"The Key" by Whitley Strieber.

Whitley Strieber is an abductee who happens to be an Author of books such as, The Wolfen, The Hunger, Black Magic, The Night Church, Cat Magic, and Conformation, Transformation, Breakthrough, The Secret School, Communion, The Global Coming Superstorm with Art Bell however, The Key. you don't just read fast, you absorb it.

I present you with a mind opening excerpt of The Key.  This book that has got lost in the sauce and should be read by everyone.

Whitley and his wife Annie have a cabin in the woods somewhere for a long time.

On this day after the celebration of America's freedom, in a land that promised us in our constitution that all men are created equally, as the white barbarians savagely killed the American Indians. I don't see that anything got better. Humans are worse than ever.

At the edge of reality there lies an unknown country, a realm of mirrors and truths at the unexpected. If you dare not travel in this country then do not read this article nor, get this book. However, if you hunger for a higher adventure with information that others dare not entertain then read this article.

My comments are throughout this excerpt, making it more of a book analysis.
It's non-fiction according to the author. I don't know if it's true. I myself need more convincing however, it makes so much sense to me.

Update: 2011 I heard him recently on radio and he is a tormented man. Things are still happening to him.

It opens with somebody knocking at Whitley's door.

"Something was disturbing me, causing me to swim up out of a deep sleep. As I became conscious I realized that somebody was knocking on the door of my hotel room."

Upon opening the door a small man is in the room before he knows it. The man has an angular face, he is small, but everything else seems normal.

Whitley demanded that he leave, but the mans eyes pleaded so desperately that he let him stay. That is when the man told him "I am here on behalf of the good. Please give me some time." The word good exploded in Whitley's heart, he saw an expression of love so strong and absolutely impeccable that he gasped!

He knew this would not be an ordinary conversation. He got out his yellow pad and started to write down the answers to the questions he asked. He was very glad he did because many of the ideas he talked about were breathtakingly new, and unfolded on a scale that was larger than his own mind.

As such, afterward he would say that he and the little man spent about half an hour together, however once it was transcribed, it became obvious that more time was involved, more two hours.

During the course of their dialog, a new image of God emerged. It was almost as if the words he was hearing had the power to cause God to emerge into the room with them. The man said he was a Canadian who didn't pay taxes and had no driver's license. He described the man as a richly alive person, more so than any other person he had ever met.

The man offered him a small Vile with clear liquid in it, and Whitley drank it. "Gulp?" (I wouldn't, would you?)

He describes that there were periods of incredible emotion especially one in the last few moments of their time together, that are among the very most powerful experiences he has ever had in his life.

The book is one hundred pages of question and answer with Whitley asking the questions, and the little man answering.

Whitley- Why are you here?
You're chained to the ground.

Whitley- Excuse me?
I am here on behalf of the good. Please give me some time.

Whitley- Who are "the good"?
Those whose lives are directed toward ascension.

Whitley- You mean like religious types?
Belief impedes release. The ascension I refer to is a process of finding God within and the universe without.

Whitley- Meaning?
Mankind is trapped. I want to help you spring the trap.

Whitley- What makes you able to do this?
The key I offer you consist of a new way of seeing yourselves that will free you.

Whitley- There's nothing new under the sun.
There are thoughts un-thought and words unspoken. For example, I have a message for you about the next age, and the one just past.

Whitley- Dare I ask?
The most important thing about the last age was the Holocaust.

Whitley- An age meaning?
An age is a bit over 2000 years.

Whitley- And the Holocaust was the most important event in the past 2000 years?
You were meant to have acquired the ability to leave the planet by now. But, you are still trapped here. You may be irretrievably lost. This is of absolutely fundamental importance, because the earth will soon be unable to support you, and yet you will not be able to leave. This is because of the Holocaust. The destruction of six million may well lead to the destruction of six billion. So it is the most important event, by far, of the age.

As he was leaving the man asked Whitley to drink a white liquid. In the recesses of his mind he remembered doing this before, so to take it now was familiar to him, and he drank it. Then he was slept.

Me-I didn't expect all the talk about God coming from a book by a man such as Whitley Strieber who himself claims to have been abducted numerous times by alien beings from another planet. But he is also a Catholic man, and a believer in God. He references the book of Daniel in the back of the book.

If it is not in the book stores yet. You can get it at his site www.unknown dreamland. And listen to his show while your at it.


Why are we so blind?

At deeper levels, you are a different species then you appear to yourselves. Just as the biblical story of the fall of man from the garden is really an allegory of the destruction of the previous civilization, so also the store of the falling angel is an allegory of your fallen heart. The demon is the part of you that hungers for destruction.

Why do we do these things?
It is a fallen world.

What is a fallen world?
Be as the lilies of the field. When you hear that , you think: how can we possibly do that? We need to make shelter. We need to gather food. You are at war with your fate.

A species at war with Gods plan?
Because you have no plan for yourselves, there is no plan for you. God wants companions not supplicants. Become the friends of God, and you will find your plan.

What is God?
An elemental body is a mechanism filled with millions of nerve-endings that directs the attention of God into the physical.

That didn't answer my question?
It did. Very precisely. If you were a friend of God, you would have understood. There is a much larger world behind your backs. It is understood. It is this world to which man is blind. Man is soul-blind and God blind.

How can we change?
Surrender to god.

What about free will?
Free will is only possible in God. The will of the fallen is slavery.

How do we surrender to God?
Return to the forest. Otherwise you will destroy the earth and yourselves.

Six billion people can't return to the forest. The forest can't possibly support us.
I agree, It's impossible.

But if we destroy the earth, and end up dead, so what happens to us then?
You go forth even though you aren't ready.

Go forth? To where?
To another state of being. Your access to elemental bodies ends.

What is an elemental body anyway?
A body formed out of chemical elements, something drawn from the dust and made alive.

What sort of body would we have without elements?
A radiant body, potentially. Formed out of conscious energy.

What is this? How can we put it to use?
Conscious energy is not like unconscious energy, the servant of those who understand its laws. To gain access to the powers of conscious energy, you must evolve a relationship with it. Learn its needs, learn to fulfill them. But also remember, it is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, easily detectable by your science as it is now. You can learn to signal and be heard, and to record a response. The veil between the worlds can fall. The undiscovered country can become your backyard.

But how can we do this?

By realizing that you are not cut-off. There is no supernatural. There is only the natural world, and you have access to all of it. Souls are part of nature.

I don't feel that we have access to the whole of the physical world, then. We're trapped here on earth, for example. Our space program has lead feet…

When you were challenged for the outside your government chose the path of public denial and secret defiance. This is the path to failure. It must change its policy to one of public admission and open defiance.

You speak of secrecy concerning the alien presence here?
Until you take your place, you will remain trapped. The threats that have been delivered to your government in secret are a test. To pass it, you must defy them. Your place will not be given you, you must take it.

I have the impression that the government knows little...
Then you have the wrong impression. But remember that the government is very complex, and a good deal of it is not what it seems at all. Much is hidden from your public officials. This world is run in secret.

What is this higher world?
What difference does that make to you?
I am trying to find out our relationship to it.

Not all human beings are radiant bodies. But all may become such…

You are saying that we don't all have souls?
I am saying that you are not all discreet radiant beings, but all participate to some degree or other in conscious energy. To remain a separate being after death, there must exist the ability to maintain the structure of the radiant body by the action of attention . This is why we have been so insistent that you meditate. Otherwise, we will lose you when you die and we don't want that. If a being cannot self maintain after the elemental body no longer does it automatically, it is absorbed into the flux of conscious energy. You go into the light, as it were.

Isn't this going to heaven?
There is some ecstasy, but it is not complete. When another elemental body forms that fits the pattern of particular fragment , it will return to the physical in search of more sensation. Or, if one never does, its unfulfilled desires will remain forever as a part of the tapestry of memory.

How does a person evolve this radiant body?
The imprinting of essence with experience requires effort and attention. It is the object of all 'path' and 'ways' to higher consciousness. It is the object of real prayer. To begin, you must meditate. Who does not meditate, disintegrates.

Any specific recommendations?
Paying attention to physical sensation is paying attention to energetic sensation. Being awake to oneself and ones surroundings increases the intensity of the impressions so that they affect the spin of the electrons that are present in the nervous system. in this context, being awake means being aware of one's self while at the same time absorbing impressions from the outside. The increase in spin and enrichment of the complexity of the pattern of being that results brings more and more from the radiant body. You will remember yourself after your death who and what you were, why you exist, and what you intend for your future. You will in short, acquire a true aim, and join the companions of god in their journey toward ecstatic and conscious union with one another and all that is. It is the difference between being a plant and being Rembrant. The plant has a certain fragment of self awareness, but Rembrant is vastly complex, a being rich with fully realized talents and self awareness that makes him a worthy companion in higher form.
(I suggest also reading the Celestine Prophecy.)

Rembrant was a saint?
Rembrant was conscious. As far as being a saint is concerned though forget it. Radiant beings are not the same thing, believe me.

End of excerpt from book The Key by Whitley Strieber.

Whitley said the little man said to "Form an assault on secrecy. You are right to fight against official secrecy, it is the greatest present evil."

To form an assault against secrecy seems to get you dead these days.

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